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Registration Terms

Welcome! Before registering for the Realife Simulator open-world game, please carefully read and accept the following terms and conditions. By registering, you are considered to have agreed to the following terms and conditions:

Account Security: a. The security of your game account is your responsibility. Sharing or disclosing your account information is strictly prohibited. b. Take measures to secure your account, update your passwords regularly, and use strong passwords.

In-Game Behavior:

a. Your in-game behavior should not harm other players or the gaming community.

b. Profanity, threats, racism, or discriminatory behavior are strictly prohibited and will be subject to consequences.

Game Rules:

a. Violating in-game rules, cheating, or gaining unfair advantages is strictly prohibited.

b. Please report any knowledge of game cheats or exploits to game authorities.


a. Exercise caution when sharing personal information. Game developers or other players should not request personal information from you.

b. Remember that in-game chats or forum messages may be visible to the public.

Compliance with Laws: a. You must adhere to local, national, and international laws while using the game. b. Legal responsibility for in-game activities that violate the law lies with you.

Content Sharing:

a. When sharing in-game content or user-generated content, avoid sharing content that may discomfort other players.

b. Consider the rules and policies regarding sharing in-game content.

Account Suspension: a. Game developers have the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the accounts of players who violate these terms and conditions.

Changes and Updates:

a. These terms and conditions may be updated or modified by the game developers at any time. Stay informed about updates through the game's official communication channels.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to play the Realife Simulator open-world game. Please enjoy the game responsibly, ethically, and honestly, contributing to the enjoyment of other players. Have a great time!

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